Covid 19 Statement for Southbound 2021 - Southbound Festival

Covid 19 Statement for Southbound Festival 2021

After consultation with Merton Council and Public Health England, it has been agreed that in order to make Southbound Festival as safe as possible for all attendees, staff, artists and the local community, we will require anyone entering the event to present one of the following:

• Proof of a negative lateral flow test. You can do this by either showing the NHS App Covid Pass Service, NHS result email or SMS, taken within 48 hours of the event. LFD tests are free and available from most pharmacies and collection points run by community organisations, like libraries.
• Proof of double vaccination. Either on the NHS App Covid Pass or EU Covid Passport or equivalent. Covid vaccine cards are not acceptable.

If you have an exemption from vaccines or tests, the NHS website has useful guidance you should read. Details here.

If you have not been double vaccinated it is your responsibility to take a lateral flow test and upload the results no more than 48 hours before arriving at the festival. Without this, admission will be denied. This is currently an industry standard. Regardless of your political or medical views, we ask that you respect that this is the only way for this event to go ahead.

We would like to remind people that public transport maintains wearing a mask as a condition of travel.

Q: How do I prove I have had my two doses of vaccination?
A: You need to use the NHS app Covid Pass or NHS vaccination email or SMS – details available here. You may also use the EU Covid Passport or other international certification.

Q: I have not had a double vaccination and need to get an NHS LFD test to do at home before the event. How do I do this?
A: You can either pick up a packet of free tests from all local pharmacies and some collection points run by community organisations, like libraries. You can use this tool to find the closest place to pick up your free tests from here.
You can also order tests to be delivered to you from here.

Q: I have had a positive PCR test within the last 180 days and have been advised not to take any further tests until the 180 days is complete.
A: This is covered by the NHS App and will show proof of natural immunity shown by a positive PCR test result for COVID-19, lasting for 180 days from the date of the positive test and following completion of the self-isolation period.

Q: I am exempt from being vaccinated or tested. What should I do?
A: The NHS offers guidance for this which our staff will be briefed on and can be found here.

Q: How do I report the test?
A: You can either report online here or over the phone on 119 (0300 303 2713 in Scotland). Once you have reported the test, the NHS will send you the proof as an SMS and an email for you to show at the event.

Q: How do I get the NHS app to show the NHS Covid Pass?
A: Info on the app is available here.

Q: You didn’t tell us these conditions of entry so you need to refund us.
A: Ever since the start of 2021, our ticket terms have stated in the Conditions of entry, that we will be adhering to the laws or guidance at the time of the event and that Lateral Flow Tests may be part of those conditions. Ticket terms have to be accepted to purchase tickets.

Q: Do we need to do our NHS LFD test before coming to the event?
A: Yes. Unless you have your NHS Covid Pass app, or are exempt from vaccines or tests, you will need to do your LFD test at home before you arrive at the event as you will be turned away to get one before being admitted.

Process on the day

1. If you have had two vaccinations for Covid, and you have the NHS Covid Pass app or a certificate of proof, show this at the checking area.

2. If you are not double vaccinated, get a free NHS LFD test from a chemist and register your result with the NHS here or over the phone on 119. Then bring the email or the SMS with you to get in.

3. Once you arrive at Morden Park, before you enter, you will be asked to show your Covid Status unless you are exempt. Once you have done this you will be allowed to enter the Search Area.

4. If you get a positive result, please do not attend the event.

5. Enter the event and enjoy yourself!

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